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Oils and Spices
1101-B E. 86th Street  * Indianapolis, IN 46240   
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  Our products are shipped from some of the
              most exotic places on Earth!
Artisano’s offers the very best in high quality oils, made
from the finest ingredients; starting in the southern olive
groves of Andalucia, to the northern regions of Catalonia,
Spain. Many varieties are available including tasty organic
selections and delicious infused specialty oils.
Vinegar in its most flavorous form!
Artisano’s features Balsamic Vinegars from Italy, in
luscious flavors like Red Apple Balsamic, and so many more!

Everyday kitchen staples can be found at Artisano’s too.
We stock everything you need from aromatic Rosemary
to exotic vanilla beans from the small Island of Reunion,
found just east of Madagascar.

Procured from ancient sea salt deposits in the Himalayan
Mountain Range, Artisano’s collection includes over 18
varieties of salt, including Fleur De Sel, the “Caviar of salts”.
Try before you buy at our spice, oil, and vinegar Tasting Bar!